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[ Comment from Kazuyuki Kishino (KK NULL) ]

Collaborating with Chris Watson on the album “Number One” (TONE-24, Touch, UK) in 2005 caused me deep interest in “field recording” and made me to explore the sound of nature for the following years and until now. The field recordings used on “CRYPTOZOON” were recorded at various locations in Australia, Canada, Europe and Japan between 2006 and 2010 recorded by myself with a handy wav recorder.

However, don’t get this wrong : “CRYPTOZOON” is NOT a simple field recording album at all. I used the sound of nature as one of the materials and processed them and synthesized with electronic sound to create this unique electro-acoustic compositions.

“CRYPTOZOON” is brutal, cosmic and intense as well as my previous works, but maybe a bit more organic and earthy. Several years experience in the bush and forest inspired my creativity and gave new color and timbre on my music.

Total 38:17
Released in Nov. 11th 2011 [Nux Org:NUX-0X004] (Japan)
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