• ZENI GEVA & STEVE ALBINI “Maximum Implosion” 2CD

    MAIL ORDER COMING WITH ORIGINAL 2 x ZG LOGO STICKERS FOR FREE! MAXIMUM IMPLOSION collects all collaborative (and most sought after) pieces between ZENI GEVA (KK NULL) and Steve Albini (Big Black / Shellac): “Nai-Ha” and “All Right, You Little Bastards!”. Also included are bonus tracks from the ultra-limited 12″-only “Superunit”, presented with meticulous Cedar mastering by legendary mastering engineer Skye Mastering – Denis Blackham. On the first CD, Zeni Geva present ultra-heavy Japanese noise rock, with sludgy riffs, thundering feedback, lumbering drums, subhuman bass crawl, and complex noise textures, with KK Null’s trademark vocals / unique guitar accompanied by Albini’s heavy guitar. “Nai-Ha” loosely translates to “broken inside”, with […]

  • KK NULL “A piece of Kaoss” CASSETTE TAPE

    Two x 60 second tracks “A piece of Kaoss” and “Time Fault” composed and produced by Kazuyuki Kishino @ prima natura studio in August 2018. Released by Humanhood recordings, USA. Limited edition 40 copies only. Total 2 tracks / 2:00 Released in Aug., 2018 [Humanhood recordings] (USA) Item No. 0100 Price 500 JPY Qty.

    KK NULL “A piece of Kaoss” CASSETTE TAPE
  • KK NULL “Extropy Ground Zero” CD

    FORMAT: Digipack CD (Ltd 250 Copies) 1) Extropy Ground Zero (14:41) 2) Tokyo Ground Zero (38:10) In this release, Kazuyuki Kishino displays an intriguing approach towards the genre of experimental noise. Deviating from his usual genre style, he unleashes new material of percussive blast-beats which take dominance in the 2 tracks (one studio and one live) contained within. The juxtaposition of electronic percussive noise tempo against layers of interweaving swooshes and electronic bleeps provide a captivating ambience of sound, which reflect strongly KK Null’s unique creative process in noise experimentation. Total 2 tracks / 52:51 Released in Apr., 2017 [4iB Records:4iB026)] (Singapore) Item No. 0099 Price 1500 JPY Qty.

    KK NULL - Extropy Ground Zero
  • KK NULL & ORE “Dawn of Time / Components of Circulation” 7″EP

    Collaboration between KK NULL and ORE (Birmingham-based tuba drone/doom unit). A: Componets of Circulation (Estell/Kishino) [5:45] AA: Dawn of Time (Estell/Kishino/Underwood) [5:45] KK NULL – electronics Stuart Estell – tuba, organ Sam Underwood – tuba Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Artwork by Alexander Bertram-Powell

  • KK NULL “Machine in the Ghost” 7″EP

    KK NULL’s latest tracks “Machine in the Ghost” on 7′ EP vinyl has just been released. 1.) Machine in the Ghost I (4:20) 2.) Machine in the Ghost II (4:20) Total 2 tracks / 8:40 Released in Apr., 2016 [Dry Lungs Records & Hirntrust Grind Media] (Austria) Item No. 0096 Price 1000 JPY Qty.

    KK NULL - Machine in the Ghost
  • KK NULL x DAO DE NOIZE “Mizuchi Creation” CD

    Mizuchi or “Master of the Water” is a name used to describe a well known mythical Japanese water deity resembling a serpent that lives in and around water. Titled “Water Snake” in Japanese, this collaborative release showcases the sound wizardry of Japanese experimental multi-instrumentalist K.K. Null (Kazuyuki Kishino) and Ukraines’s ambient and noise artist Dao De Noize (Artem Pismenetskii). Mizuchi Creation comprises 2 tracks that flow continuously as one. Just like the impending ferocity of the serpent gliding through expanse of calm water, the album effectively maintains its sonic equilibrium of noise and soundscape through the complex balance of structured pulses, rhythmic noise, drones and hisses with the serene ambience […]

    KK NULL x DAO DE NOIZE "Mizuchi Creation" CD
  • KK NULL “Pulsar X” CDR

    Hyper futuristic electro-acoustic technoiz! Released from Belgian new label CyberCity. Total 3 tracks / 53:15

    KK NULL - Pulsar X
  • KK NULL “Cryptozoon X” DVD

    “Cryptozoon quadraphonic mix” was commissioned by INA-GRM and premiered at the Festival Présences électronique in Paris, France on the 6th of April, 2013. Subsequently it’s been performed at some other festivals in Europe such as Festival für Zeitgenössische Musik in Hamburg, Germany. DVD with quadraphonic mix (52:41) and stereo mix (54:07).

    KK NULL - Cryptozoon / DVD
  • KK NULL “Cryptozoon X: Stereo Condensed Mix” CD EP

    “Cryptozoon quadraphonic mix” was commissioned by INA-GRM and premiered at the Festival Présences électronique in Paris, France on the 6th of April, 2013. Subsequently it’s been performed at some other festivals in Europe such as Festival für Zeitgenössische Musik in Hamburg, Germany. CD EP with short stereo condensed version (19:45).

    KK NULL - Cryptozoon X / CD EP

    Originally released as CD format in 2009, now reissued as digital download. Total 40:45 Released in Mar. 1, 2014 [Nux Org:NUX-0X010] (Japan) Go to digital stores. * FLAC is available at Boomkat. FLAC on Wikipedia



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ZENI GEVA “Logo” T-SHIRT (black)

T-Shirt Color: BLACK / Ink Color: RED + SILVER Heavy Weight 5.6oz. | Cotton 100% Size S / XL: sold out

ZENI GEVA WhiteAlive-BlackT

ZENI GEVA “Alive and Rising” T-SHIRT (black / ink: white)

T-Shirt Color: BLACK / Ink Color: WHITE Heavy Weight 5.6oz. | Cotton 100% Design by Alonso Urbanos Size S, M, XL: sold out

Live at Electron

KK NULL “Live at Electron” LP

Live recorded at Electron festival in Geneve, Switzerland on March 22nd, 2008. Beautiful & intense, multi-layered cosmic noise. LTD to 300.

Galactic Tornado

KK NULL “Galactic Tornado” CD

Brand new album recoreded at the studio in Spring-Summer of 2008. Deep, dense, dynamic, intuitive and inspiring as usual. Combining synthetic sounds from synthesizers and electronic machines with acoustic audio signals. take you to a truely psychedelic audio experience. Luxurious 6-panels digipack with silver lettering and spot varnishing feautures artwork with images done by Kazuyuki Kishino. – Quasi-Pop

Absolute Magnitude

ANP “Absolute Magnitude” CD

Live recorded in Amsterdam, St. Etienne, Bern in 2004. Chemically remixed by KK NULL at Prima Natura Studio in 2007. Digipak.

KK NULL "BaryoGenesis" CD

KK NULL “BaryoGenesis” CD

Live recorded in Berlin, Firenze, Milano & Tokyo in October-November 2006, including live remix version of “Fertile” and unreleased brand new tracks.


V.A. “Idioscapes” CD


KK NULL "Fertile" CD

KK NULL “Fertile” CD

Fertile is KK NULL’s first album for Touch, following his collaboration with CHRIS WATSON and Z’EV [Number One – Tone 24, 2005]. it’s a deep and organic soundscape of the multiverse.


V.A. “Audiotion : Sonic Tribute to Takashi Miike” 2CD

Vital presents this independent sonic dark electronic tribute to Japanese movie director Takashi Miike. This release opens with an exclusive audio voice introduction by Takashi Miike and comes in deluxe 6 panel digipack box with an 8 page bookletd. Limited edition 1000 copies. TAKASHI MIIKE, KK NULL, SHINJUKU THIEF, CONVERTER, HENTAI, SHINKIRO, SUNAO INAMI, JAZKAMER, HENRIK N. BJÖRKK, CONTAGIOUS ORGASM, HECATE, P*A*L, S:CAGE, ASMOROD, ISZOLOSCOPE, TOKITOSHI SHIOTA

Kosmista Noisea

KK NULL “Kosmista Noisea” CD

Consisting of two live tracks carefully edited in the studio Kosmista Noisea is full of depths and dimensions showing the diversity of NULL’s music from intense clashing waves of noise to structured electro-acoustic ambience. Artwork – front: Null / back: Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O)))


ANP “Metacompound” CD

reviews & MP3 The first full length studio album in 20 years. combining free jazz, heavy rock, noise, glitch and free improvised dynamics. ANP creates a sound that is entirely unprecedented. Artwork – front: Null / back: Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))).

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