KK NULL - Cryptozoon X / CD EP

KK NULL “Cryptozoon X: Stereo Condensed Mix” CD EP

“Cryptozoon quadraphonic mix” was commissioned by INA-GRM and premiered at the Festival Présences électronique in Paris, France on the 6th of April, 2013. Subsequently it’s been performed at some other festivals in Europe such as Festival für Zeitgenössische Musik in Hamburg, Germany. CD EP with short stereo condensed version (19:45).

Kosmo Incognita

KK NULL “Kosmo Incognita” CDEP

only a few copies left Total 19:48 Released Dec. 2005 [Thisco] (Portugal)

KK NULL / OVO "Protostar (split)" 3 inch CDEP

KK NULL / OVO “Protostar (split)” 3 inch CDEP

NULL – 1 song (04:17) / OVO – 2 tracks Total 09:16 / 3 tracks Released in Mar. 2004 [Sunship Records/Bar La Muerte] (USA/Italy)


KK NULL / CINISE “Soul Desert / Amen” 3 inch CDEP

CINISE = (Gianfranco Santoro, C. Deison) out of print Released in 2000 [Nail / Sin Organisation] (Italy)

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