KK NULL & Z’EV “Extra Space, Extra Time” CD

KK NULL & Z'EV "Extra Space, Extra Time" CD

KK NULL & Z’EV “Extra Space, Extra Time” CD

[Korn Plastics] (The Netherlands) / released Dec 2010

Recorded at the studio of Extrapool in Nijmegen for a series of “Brombron” project in October 2009. Mixed and produced by Kazuyuki Kishino at Prima Natura Studio.

» Z’EV

— 6 tracks / Total time : 51:15

[Review by Ed Pinsent / The Sound Projector] The mighty Z’EV continues his long association with the Japanese heavy-hitter KK Null on Extra Space, Extra Time (BROMBRON 17). 6 tracks of extremely exciting and maximal music, Null’s thrilling and inventive combinations of electronic music played in numerous modes along with Z’EV’s magickal percussive actions. Seasoned professionals both; every second of this lean, sinewy music just exudes assurance and deliberation. Null is in full control of a considerable range of various effects, not one of which is tainted by the curse of over-familiarity, and he seems to be hard-coding his own personality into the very circuits of his devices. Every note of music is stamped with his remorseless attack, even when creating non-noisy ambient musical bursts. Null creates sequenced rhythms and patterns into which Z’EV inserts himself expertly, finding large chambers of space to deliver his machine-like hammerings, executing precise counterpoint rhythms which you or I would never have even discerned within these strange musical fabrics. An essential work!

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