“Mix Tape” by KK NULL for Secret Thirteen

KK NULL created a more than one hour mix of his favorites & inspiration such as Bernard Parmegiani, Iannis Xenakis, Miles Davis, This Heat, David Tudor, Alan Lamb, Slayer and his own compositions including “Cryptozoon” & unreleased “Eternal Implosion”.

“Who could ever imagine? Miles Davis plays with Bernard Parmegiani? This Heat plays with Alan Lamb? KK Null plays with Xenakis? You can hear it here. Needless to say, all these artists/composers/bands/musicians I picked up are ones of my most favorite and bottomless resource of my inspiration. Hope you enjoy my Mix tape for Secret Thirteen. Maximum thanks to Justinas Mikulskis & his Secret Thirteen team”. (comment by KK Null)

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